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IV therapy

IV therapy


Facial Service Reservation


- In order to ensure that you obtain your desired appointments, we recommend scheduling your appointment as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. To accommodate your desired appointment, we will contact you after booking your appointment for credit card information to guarantee your reservation. We hold this information as part of our cancellation policy and only make necessary charges to your account on the date of your scheduled service. Details of our cancellation policies are provided below.

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Please contact us at 714-388-4866

Cancellation Policy

  • Your facial treatments are reserved especially for you. We value your business and ask that you respect the spa’s scheduling policy. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Any cancellation with less than 24 hours of notice are subject to a cancellation fee of $60 of the scheduled service. Clients who miss their appointments without giving any prior notification will be charged $60 of the scheduled service. We recognize the time of our clients and staff is valuable and have implemented this policy for this reason. When you miss an appointment with us, we not only lose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who could have scheduled an appointment for the same time.
  • When you schedule your appointment with us, you are agreeing to these policies. All services require a credit card to guarantee a reservation. You will not be billed unless there is a cancellation or no show. Upon checkout, guests may choose their method of payment.

Secure Payments

Your Data security & privacy is our priority. Pay securely through 128 bit encrypted payment gateway. We support credit cards, net banking and debits cards.

IV therapy for skin lightening & Brightening

A minimally invasive procedure involves an intravenous infusion of 2 main active ingredients (Glutathione and Vitamin C) over several treatment sessions that may naturally lighten your skin and reduce excessive pigmentation.


Glutathione: a powerful antioxidant, works with your body to promote lighter skin by inhibiting the production of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its color). The lightening process starts from the inside out and creates an overall body skin brightening/lightening effect. So, as a result, your skin will look naturally brighter/lighter, and your skin tone will look more even.

Vitamin C: slows the rate of free radicals


  • Brighter and lighter skin that look glowing
  • Great to combine with Micro Needling, PRP, Laser Genesis, HydraFacialMD and Skin
  • Lightening treatment to further enhance depigmentation.
  • More energy and stamina
  • Build immune system, less prone to allergy and colds




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Benefit of IV Therapy for Skin

∙Rejuvenate the skin for a youthful appearance
∙Combat allergies
∙Hydrate the body
∙Improve energy by addressing fatigue
∙Boost the immune system
∙Reduce jet lag or hangovers

How Long Do Treatments Take?

Sessions typically take 30 to 90 minutes to complete, but you should plan for your appointment to last about two hours total, as everyone has different absorption rates and requirements. With routine treatments, long-lasting effects can be achieved.

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